Monday, May 15, 2017

AMC Bowling Tournament 2017

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركا ته

hi semua :D yesterday on 14th May '17 berlansungnye AMC Bowling Tournament 2017... yes yes i know during Mother's Day? like seriously? (°∀°) dont worry zuzu dah wish mother's day kat mak zuzu and she's okay with it *i think* (◡‿◡✿) anyhow the venue was at Nilai Sports Centre. not sure tho the exact name of this place now cuz it keeps on changing. like seriously but if u guys just waze Airport Sports Complex should be there and korang akan arrive at that spot.

this year bowling dia buat time malam so pagi tu boleh la nak celebrate Mother's Day dulu kan then malam join event kolej ni. participant this year mostly zuzu tengok banyak juniors from AMC. good job guys sebab participate cuz event like this is important if u guys want to graduate from there *if you know what i mean* the event start at 8.30pm (what a drag of time sebab dalam itenerary should start at 8pm) maybe u guys organizer boleh improve on time management. but overall the event was fun. siap ade performance by Fly by Wire group which is the band group of AMC. there are 3 categories which are Male, Female and Mix. then ade prize for best male and female player.

like tahun sebelum-2 ni zuzu akan masuk category Mix... then confirm la kalah... (︶▽︶) hahaha... sebab team mix power-2 back in those days. so this year zuzu masuk female category and guess what?? for the first time ever join bowling
menang 1st place
hahahah. seronok gila. here are some of the photos guys. enjoy!

over betul semua menang bowling firts time :P

truly, zuzukent xx


  1. bestnya. dah lama sha tak main bowling haha

    1. kita pun dah lama x main. tak sangka menang pun :P

  2. saya tag awak

    1. in Sha Allah ade masa kita join ye wak

  3. Pergh boleh set lawan sekali nih hahah.. lama tak main bowling


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