Saturday, February 27, 2016

working on SATURDAY

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركا ته

morning people of the world. hari ni kerja. urmmm, mood kat atas katil ditemani bantal busyuk and selimut yg comfy and you guys and actually imagine the rest. harini half day jahh pun, but still..... xde mood la oii. saturday weh, pebende la kene keje. pape pun kene terapkan dalam diri suka kerja... sbb nanti in real working situation takan la nak malas2 kannnn (><")

so, it is already my 11th week of internship at *ehem ehem ehem* hahaha... secret sgt. poyoss nak matiss... so another 6 more weeks to go... tp knape 6 weeks kan? previously cakap 16 weeks je in total. here is the story... long story cut short, x cukup minimum 3 working days in one week... so kene lah replace uollsss. i'm such a good student kan? (TT_TT) hahahaha. pape pun iollsss redha jahh... bende dah jadi.

my life so far not that interesting rather than having a crumble love life and very unstable connection with my family but trying really hard to survive here people. please bare in mind that i'm very picky when it comes to love life rather not to share :P

lodsa , ZUZUKENT

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