Saturday, November 2, 2013

foodporn for ya?

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركا ته 
 hi and hello guys. so today is 2nd of November 2013. HAPPY DIWALI to all my Indian's friends. have a blissful celebration and cherish it guys. zuzu baru bangun tido actually. had a good talk with love one's. sampai tido pon lambat. hehehe (^,^) then got really happy that everything went back to normal. can't believe that i'm already dating him for like whattt... 9 months? lol. funny shit evaaa.  
 see i'm not lying beb! 

 goshhh bangun tdo je on tweet and those FOODPORN acc is making me really fungry (fucking + hungry) wehh. mane taknye makanan yg di post is so perghhh!!!! *indescribable*

 nak ni for bekpes, lunchie and dindindiner boleh tak? bovvv! pastu gemok n overweight mula lah nak exercise bagai n then menyesal x kesudah. kahkahkah (>,<)
bosan lah. dah lama x join giveaway n tag and all that. not a really active blogger but will soon make a come back. till then. adiosa amigosa, xx

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