Thursday, November 1, 2012

burger bakar kaw kaw

assalamualaikum and hye-yo ssup?

malam2 bute cengini baru teringin nak hupdate pasal makanan kan? haha pejadah tah. sape yg dok terliuq tu sorry le. hehe. titew x sengaje nak hupdate pasai burger bakar ni (งˆヮˆ)ง

so me and my family went for burger bakar kaw kaw located in seksyen 2, wangsa maju. *near the wangsa maju lrt station* *ithink* hehehe. well, it was supperb delicious gua tell u. despite the long waiting in a line and rainy day. perghhh memang eager gila nak makan huge size burger. dah lah huge siap bakar cam satey plak tuh. ummmppphhh (*^ヮ^*)

just imagine lah how juicy the beef and chicken meat was... lolololololooooo... sangat mouth melting ok with the cheese and all. hahha. uppps someone is drooling in front of the lappy i see... hehe. my opinion makan burger ni...... overall ok but kalau the chicken meat buat sndri pun ok gak. ni cam burger yg diletak ayam goreng. so, that's my opinion... next food hunt burger bakar abang burn in taman dagang ampang maybe? ▔\▁(ヅ )▁/▔

till then here is some sweet dreams for ya'll .
happy reading while drooling.

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