Sunday, October 14, 2012

cuz i'm to kewl for ya

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركا ته
hey world, i know u all miss me ayte? haha...

well, i'm back with a short post *can't really promise u that* the reason why i left my blog cuz i lost interest in it. hmmm, semua layan twitter je kan nowadays. then i went to continue my studies in UiTM Jengka which is really awesome shitss. then everybody end up being a jerk on my cahtbox at my blog. so yeahhh.. i've moved on... lastly there's no more wifii in my house!!! TT_TT sad life isn't it? hell yeahh it was. perghhh, speaking plak gua malam2 cangini. haha, biase lah tu kan. self expression. bajet bagus... *puihh*

k, nak story bout my classmate? erghhh, x pe ahh. move on. malas nak pikir. the reason why also i'm starting blogging now cuz i'm at my daddy's office. so memang aku online sampai lebam ah citernye, nahh, not really. k i'm signing off. sorry ah citer tergantung. k, jap lagi nak design blog ni balik. kbai. xx here's is someting-2 for u guys. picture of me and my new hair. zz
please don't get hhesitated XD

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