Tuesday, May 15, 2012

tell me something new

i figure u dah berubah but i guest that will never ever will be lah kan?
hmm, please lah berubah. change for "her" at least. not for me... i don't mind. hmm, she also ade hati n perasaan. she's a f*cking human n not animal. she's a cutie pie n rich. yes, i know everything. it's not like i've been stalking u. it's just some people are concern with whom their friends with. that's all... so, some people are very particular and want to know who u are. so, tetibe dapat tau yang u currently with some one else.
sorry i've been such paying in your ass.
i think u should have realise by now i'm talking about u. yes u H :)
kalau x paham, do call or txt me i u need any explanation.

till then, nite n sleep tights. usually i would say dream about me k. but now no more. now i would say dream about how to apologize to your new dear beloved gf a.k.a. the person u're "engaged" with :) have a god life. and i'll never find u again. soooo lonnnggg ex-bf. last but not least GOOD LUCK in your SPM. thanks for everything.

xx, ZuzuKent (:

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