Wednesday, December 14, 2011

reunion last friday on 9/12

hello... i'm still awake. ok, nak buat movie review. this is my second movie review. i think. Ahukkksss! *sambil tangan letak kat bahu mata ke atas buat suara ala-ala kak maria* sorry kak maria :P ok, zuzu nak buat movie review cerita nie... jeng jeng jeng


ok, macam retis plak nak buat movie review bagai. muehehe. suka hati leww. ok, cerita nie zuzu tengok mase reunion ngan budak-2 sekolah rendah. ouh goshhh, it's been ages since the last time i saw 'em. i mean some of them i kekadang terserempak jugak and say "HI" but takde lah sampai borak panjang lebar. kitorang tengok movie on that day and played pool, arcade and the boys played foosball <-- ok, x tau nk eja foosball but u guys get the idea ayte? the one with a tiny football player inside a table and pusing2 tu. HAHA. bad explanation. i know. too bad takde pictures. hmmm :'( maybe next time okay guys?

so, the movie is about people getting together during new year's eve. the best part is. they all kindda some how related to each other. and i think this movie guna paling ramai artis popular u knooww! there's halle berry, ludacris, zac efron, sarah jesicca parker, bonjovi and so on...

the movie was awesome for me cuz it's a happy ending for everybody except for nurse aimee cuz she had to spend her new year's eve apart from her husband who is serving for the US army and claire morgan who is the person in charge organizing the traditional "drop ball" in time square, new york. her father, stan harris died after watching the drop ball together with her. ok, sad kann?

the happy part : ingrid finally finish out her new year's resolution with the help of paul  and went to the party together which ingrid tak pernah pergi. then tess and griffin dapat baby on that night, laura and jensen get back together, elise finally dapat jadi lead singer and dapat bf which is andy, ok... there's alot more. korang kene pergi tengok sendiri okay and figure out sape dorang nie semua :)

so, rating? 3 stars out of 5 :)
here is a sneak peak of it. enjoyyyy

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