Monday, November 21, 2011

SPM and i'm blogging at 3 am (Y)

OMGGG! look at 'em tittle bruhh... yup i'm actually blogging! haithere! it's been 14 days since i last post stuffs in here. btw, sorry for the fugly picture up there. errghh, x sabar rasanye nak habis paper SPM cuz i want my purple black hair back so badly *craving face with shinny cat eyes* ok, since it's already 3am so i'm officiall goin to take AGAMA SPM PAPER later at 8.30am. lmao! i can't sleep so nervous shits >,<" since my chill pill, my boo lahh sape lagi, already went off to bed cuz he's efff-ing tired main futsal just now that is what he said... so i decided to sleep late. muehehhe. sorry keyh boo 

cut to the chase... i'm blogging cuz i want to say that i have change my template again :P hehe. so proud of myself again! and i also have pierce my tongue last friday. ok, jangan nak judge aku sangat la kannn. aku buat pon ade sebab-2 tertentu and please people stop asking me who the hell is MY EX'S NEW GF is... as far as i'm concern i'm done with him and i don't really like to jaga tepi kain orang that much *kekadang tu ade jugak bzbody* it's freaaking annoying ok! rimas lahh! nak tau tanya lah dia sendiri cuz i'm sure dia sangat lah berbangga nak introduce awek baru dia kat korang semua.

ok, ape lagi eyh nak cakap. hmmm... ouh and yess... aku still ngan Hisyam. so whuut? jelly? x perlu kot sbb sooner or later i'll be single back and apparently not for long. almost forgot to tell u guys that on last friday i was admitted to hospital -..-" hehe. no jokes but nothing much and i'm taking my driving license classes starting this satuday. the wired part is... i'm studying undang2 at the same time i'm studying bio, chem, physics and add maths! hahaha. kbai. need to continue study for AGAMA. love ya'll & wish me luck.

P / S : another 4 more paper then i'm done. horayyy merdeka!

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