Wednesday, July 20, 2011

HEHE, berjaya!

hi people.
*ignore my ugly face up there with my new barbie contact lenses on :P*
it's been long since the last time i wrote on this blog. ouh well, sorry cuz i'm bz with school stuffs :P i just wanna say that i just edited my blog! AGAIN! haha... i'm so proud of myself cuz this time i edited it myself with my own layout. it's quite simple and black and emo kindda stuff. but i just love it. hehe. biase la. baru nak blaja buat layout sendri guna hope u gys love it. btw, sorry if the font is tooooo small. but this is my blog. i kindda like small and cute things. kbaii. i'll update soon XD but not a promise to be kept.

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