Saturday, June 4, 2011

thanks aliah najwa ;D

assalamualaikum & hello peeps ;D

nak cakap sikit nie...

TQ SO MUCH ALIAH NAJWA. nak tau knape?

she wrote that in her blog ;D ouhmyyy, terharu gila... hikhik
so, here u go..... i'm going to promote her bloggy.
feel free to drop your blog-foot-print on hers --->

nie plak story from my FB. just read it ok?

ok, maybe korang x faham kn kn? only certain people je paham. too the person that was mentioned in this conversation above. xtau la bende nie true or not. asked Kudrat ok? hehehe...
now, i'm going to continue play this game that make me so angry!!! Angry Birds nak tau asal?
cuz babi2 nie susah sangat nak mati -.-"

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