Monday, June 20, 2011

teruk sangat la prangai kau macam tu?

hello and assalamulaikum to those who is reading this post!

hi, i'm zulaika and i might be yr worst nightmare? haha, xyah nak nightmare sangat la sedangkan aku pon tengah nightmare nie. result exam aku macam haram je... sumpah kne buck up balik if x... harapan lah nak ade lesen, kete and all the cool stuff that i should get ok. study, study, study, study, study. tu jela keje aku skrng nie. hmmm. ou yea sorry la if i zuzu x sempat nak buat tutorial and answer all of yr question. memamng xde mase la. btw, i'm going to turn 17 really really soon weee ~~ suke plak aku nak tua lagi setahun nie. ahuks.
anyway, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to my one and only super-duper-hero ENCIK RAMLI BIN YAAKOB. for always being there for me and protect me from those shitty boys. yess, u are so right, boys sometimes act like shit but when they love u, they will turn into more shitty stuff. haha, #wiseword oldman XD till then, adios amigos. kboiii

#nowplaying : give me everything - pitbull, nayer, ne-yo

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