Saturday, June 18, 2011

happy weekends

assalamualaikum and hello :P

hye2, it's saturday and i'm blgging. jyeahhh. sumpah boring gila today and i'm so sorry i didn't update for so long. suddenly i just lost interest nak blogging ogehh. haha, x tau la asal. actually, i dowann to updated because my recent post must be damnn sad cuz i just broke up with my boyfie but then everything went ok edi. fuhh, alhamdulillah we finally come to our senses please don't do that again ok. sumpah u gave me a brake down in everything.

credits to Syafiqah who snaped this picture without us perasan at all. damnn mamarazzi ok

cut to the chase, i just edited my blog a bit. make it look a lot more 'clean' as u can see hehe. boring, so.... edit sikit2 je. mls nk edit byk2. nak cakap nie. kenal x LIYANA LUNIA? ala, ug blg dia the bommm tuu? yg byk gila updates2 bot the net and stuff. <--- click this image t go to an ordinary site. blog dia comel kennn? yup2 (Y). sebenarnya nak cakap yg dia pay a visit at my bloggie LOL. *ceh, bangga jap*

seeee, she say it in her tweet :D

g mkn2 later with siter n family at Madam Lim's, Jusco AU3. shopping and gonna cry for nonsense later. adiosss peoples. thanks for reading.

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