Monday, June 6, 2011

cute sidebar title headings ;D

salam reader and hello ;D

good morning *technically afternoon rite now* but biar la. ok, today is super monday and i don't feel very good. so, sorry if this tutorial that i'm about to make is a bit hard for u to understand.... ade orang request tuto nie.

so, here u goooo darling Syalice Yaww.

File>> New.
letak width same as your sidebar width and your desired height background contents make sure TRANSPARENT.
File >> Open. ready your desired image.
Select the TEXT TOOL.
Pilih la tulisan ape korang nak and adjust la text tu ngam2 dalam box tu. get your nice font here.
Drag image yang korang nak tadi and adjust the image on the text.
Dah drag, then click on the eye kat IMAGE LAYER korang. so, eye tu akan hilang like above.
Click on your TEXT LAYER.
Click back on the eye kat IMAGE LAYER KORANG. so, the image will show and u can see *running lines* marquee around your text. then press Delete kat keyboard korang.
ok, the saving part
File >> Save for Web & Devices.
Preset >> PNG-24 >> Save.
TA-DAAA!! your done. sorry, if kurang paham. try and error ok?

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