Monday, June 27, 2011


assalamualaikum and gudnite ppl :)

hai hai hai. sorry dah lama x hupdate in belog. hehe. so, amacam minggu korang hebat? mine was ok. as u can see in my previous post my birthday is on 22nd June 2011. hehe. that means i'm ALREADY 17 and i'm going to take SPM like a lady. LOL suke gila aku thanks to those ppl yg wish me HAPPY BORN DAY to me. the best part is MY PARENTS X WISH ME at all this year. i dont blame em'. they have been good parents since i was born. maybe they just forget stuffs like other parents forget stuffs ayte? -.-" ok, moving on. meet my my girlfies last saturday hihihi. finally dpt pon jumpe dorang afta sekian lama x hang out together. miss u both so much k. here's a picture on last saturday

yes i know my face is not cute and so on. bla bla bla. haha, #adeakukesah? x!!!!

ouh gtg to sleep now a.s.a.p  ouh yess, sebelum terlupa... 

Zety Razak a.k.a. ngekkkk ♥
smoge kau d panjang kn umo adn d murahkan rezeki. 
jgn nakal2 k n godluck and best wishes for yr SPM k darl. 
aku tau pandai sbb kita kn twins. hekhek.

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