Monday, June 27, 2011


assalamualaikum and gudnite ppl :)

hai hai hai. sorry dah lama x hupdate in belog. hehe. so, amacam minggu korang hebat? mine was ok. as u can see in my previous post my birthday is on 22nd June 2011. hehe. that means i'm ALREADY 17 and i'm going to take SPM like a lady. LOL suke gila aku thanks to those ppl yg wish me HAPPY BORN DAY to me. the best part is MY PARENTS X WISH ME at all this year. i dont blame em'. they have been good parents since i was born. maybe they just forget stuffs like other parents forget stuffs ayte? -.-" ok, moving on. meet my my girlfies last saturday hihihi. finally dpt pon jumpe dorang afta sekian lama x hang out together. miss u both so much k. here's a picture on last saturday

yes i know my face is not cute and so on. bla bla bla. haha, #adeakukesah? x!!!!

ouh gtg to sleep now a.s.a.p  ouh yess, sebelum terlupa... 

Zety Razak a.k.a. ngekkkk ♥
smoge kau d panjang kn umo adn d murahkan rezeki. 
jgn nakal2 k n godluck and best wishes for yr SPM k darl. 
aku tau pandai sbb kita kn twins. hekhek.

Monday, June 20, 2011

teruk sangat la prangai kau macam tu?

hello and assalamulaikum to those who is reading this post!

hi, i'm zulaika and i might be yr worst nightmare? haha, xyah nak nightmare sangat la sedangkan aku pon tengah nightmare nie. result exam aku macam haram je... sumpah kne buck up balik if x... harapan lah nak ade lesen, kete and all the cool stuff that i should get ok. study, study, study, study, study. tu jela keje aku skrng nie. hmmm. ou yea sorry la if i zuzu x sempat nak buat tutorial and answer all of yr question. memamng xde mase la. btw, i'm going to turn 17 really really soon weee ~~ suke plak aku nak tua lagi setahun nie. ahuks.
anyway, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to my one and only super-duper-hero ENCIK RAMLI BIN YAAKOB. for always being there for me and protect me from those shitty boys. yess, u are so right, boys sometimes act like shit but when they love u, they will turn into more shitty stuff. haha, #wiseword oldman XD till then, adios amigos. kboiii

#nowplaying : give me everything - pitbull, nayer, ne-yo

Saturday, June 18, 2011

happy weekends

assalamualaikum and hello :P

hye2, it's saturday and i'm blgging. jyeahhh. sumpah boring gila today and i'm so sorry i didn't update for so long. suddenly i just lost interest nak blogging ogehh. haha, x tau la asal. actually, i dowann to updated because my recent post must be damnn sad cuz i just broke up with my boyfie but then everything went ok edi. fuhh, alhamdulillah we finally come to our senses please don't do that again ok. sumpah u gave me a brake down in everything.

credits to Syafiqah who snaped this picture without us perasan at all. damnn mamarazzi ok

cut to the chase, i just edited my blog a bit. make it look a lot more 'clean' as u can see hehe. boring, so.... edit sikit2 je. mls nk edit byk2. nak cakap nie. kenal x LIYANA LUNIA? ala, ug blg dia the bommm tuu? yg byk gila updates2 bot the net and stuff. <--- click this image t go to an ordinary site. blog dia comel kennn? yup2 (Y). sebenarnya nak cakap yg dia pay a visit at my bloggie LOL. *ceh, bangga jap*

seeee, she say it in her tweet :D

g mkn2 later with siter n family at Madam Lim's, Jusco AU3. shopping and gonna cry for nonsense later. adiosss peoples. thanks for reading.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

sorry keyh peeps

Monday, June 6, 2011

salam satu malaysia peeps ;D

u guys ingat lagi x my post about the biatch that copy half of my property in my blog? ala, yang dia copy everything on my sidebars tu... this post... this post...
yup that post... anyway i found her latest url blog -.- *damnnn stalker gila kau zue* well, she still copy sikit la my old blog style. she copy the image beside the post title. common la... go and find yourself a nice picture at glitter-graphics boleh x? nasib baik i change mine... so, get a life. sorry post xde tittle. xde mood -.-"

cute sidebar title headings ;D

salam reader and hello ;D

good morning *technically afternoon rite now* but biar la. ok, today is super monday and i don't feel very good. so, sorry if this tutorial that i'm about to make is a bit hard for u to understand.... ade orang request tuto nie.

so, here u goooo darling Syalice Yaww.

File>> New.
letak width same as your sidebar width and your desired height background contents make sure TRANSPARENT.
File >> Open. ready your desired image.
Select the TEXT TOOL.
Pilih la tulisan ape korang nak and adjust la text tu ngam2 dalam box tu. get your nice font here.
Drag image yang korang nak tadi and adjust the image on the text.
Dah drag, then click on the eye kat IMAGE LAYER korang. so, eye tu akan hilang like above.
Click on your TEXT LAYER.
Click back on the eye kat IMAGE LAYER KORANG. so, the image will show and u can see *running lines* marquee around your text. then press Delete kat keyboard korang.
ok, the saving part
File >> Save for Web & Devices.
Preset >> PNG-24 >> Save.
TA-DAAA!! your done. sorry, if kurang paham. try and error ok?

Saturday, June 4, 2011

thanks aliah najwa ;D

assalamualaikum & hello peeps ;D

nak cakap sikit nie...

TQ SO MUCH ALIAH NAJWA. nak tau knape?

she wrote that in her blog ;D ouhmyyy, terharu gila... hikhik
so, here u go..... i'm going to promote her bloggy.
feel free to drop your blog-foot-print on hers --->

nie plak story from my FB. just read it ok?

ok, maybe korang x faham kn kn? only certain people je paham. too the person that was mentioned in this conversation above. xtau la bende nie true or not. asked Kudrat ok? hehehe...
now, i'm going to continue play this game that make me so angry!!! Angry Birds nak tau asal?
cuz babi2 nie susah sangat nak mati -.-"

Friday, June 3, 2011

tutorial emoticons on blog post

assalamualaikum & hello yaww

well, as u can see my previous post ade cakap nak buat tuto kan?
nie la requestnye dr cik qutiq comel nie ha ;D

cube korang tgk date minah tu mintak tuto nie, bukak mata besaq2 na... haha. it was requested on 16 of May. bukan tarikh bersejarah buat zuzu or watsoeva. tp nak cakap sorry sangat2 ye cik qutiq cuz lambat gila buat tuto nie for u. hehe. hope that u'll understand.
anyway, proceed to the tutorial part. to those ppl who don't have any freagging idea ape kejadah "emoticons" tu..
here is a post that will enlightened u beby ;D hehe

ok, the one that i bulat kan is what so called "emoticons" keyh.. comel kan? msti korang teruja kn nak install bende2 kawaii macam nie. ouh ya, sebelum terlupa. the most important thing is this only wrks if u people ade Mozilla Firefox. so, for Chrome, Safari or etc i'm so sorry.

gi bukak korang nye Mozilla Firefox and website nie dulu

click kat tempat yag disuruh then click install then restart u guys punya Firefox back

pergi kat website ni plak kat sini, korang akan search korang punya emoticons. just type emoticon kt search boz ok. and make sure before korang install emoticons hanya boleh digunakan untuk blogger.

pergi Dashboard >> Settings >> Global Settings >> click Old Editor dan save setting. step ini very important ok, if x nnti x jadik jangan salahkan eden ;D


after u guys install Grease Monkey korang akan nampak ade gamba monyet kiut dekat page Firefox korang. different version of firefox, so different places akan nampak that monkey picture . click that monkey picture and click Manage User Scripts
pastu korang pilih la mane2 emoticons yang korang tanak tu then click Uninstall

hope u guys paham. especially cik qutiq la kan. if anything else just drop your comment on this post oke? hmm, sumpah ngantok. nak tido but missing someone #nowlistening : Boomerang by Dj Felli Fel, Akon & Pitbull