Saturday, May 14, 2011

i just had a dreadful month :(

assalamualaikum and hello :)

ok, sorry for the dead blog. tehee ♥ i'm so beezzyy sampai lupa at all about blogging in mind keyh. sorry to those ppl yg regularly visited my blog and yet still see the same post every time u guys visited keyh. apologize accepted? thanks peeps.

anyway this post gonna bit a bit long. sorry. hehe. so, let's start shall we... so, as u ppl yg follow my tweet should hv known that my ankle is in very bad condition now. aww. cuz my ligament koyak n i got a minor crakkk. that sound not so bad huh? well u ppl judge it k.

ok, da tgk kn kn? haha, bersimen plak tu... adoii. susah gila nk jalan k. thanks to my buddy yg tolong me all this time ok... well, i kene this on last wednesday around 4.30 something. i was playing netball for my class. this tournament is for the inter-calss thang. so yeahhh, result? my class wonnnn. wehooo. so, x kesah sgt actually when my ankle in this kindda condition. yg menjadikan persoalan is, how did i hurt really bad untill bersimen bagai kn kn? harhar... i was trying to catch the ball on the air then when i land... tersilap foot. then i rase unstabilised so, then terjatuh... *sorry for the bad grammar. haha.

ok, movin on... it's EXAM WEEK. yaikkss! so far, bm, mod maths (dead part) and agama was ok. so, i'm gonna update that much ok... but for now i'm so happy with myself. jyeahhh cuz i updated my blog. so, i'm gonna update again really soon. promise :)


  1. HAHAAA , kesian la zuzu , hope get well soon okayh , SPM tak lama lagi weyh ;3

  2. ouhhh ,smpai kene simen . truk sgt ke ur ankle tu ? hope you get wel soon yeaa :)

    1. teruk la jugak kn kn... Haha. Anyway thank u :)

  3. smoga cepat sembuh zuzu :)


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