Wednesday, May 18, 2011

i got a new baby boo :)

assalamualaikum & hello earthlings and human beings.

* baca post nie sambil dgr lagu nie ok. enjoy ;D *

tajuk post yg agak menggelabah kn kn? hekhek, ouh well, it's true tho. i just got a new baby boo... tehee jgn jeles ye bahh. ahuks!

ouh well, my new baby is not that canggih la ok. just a new and latest stuff from ASUS yaww. not bad la. futhermore, the price was quite reasonable doe... i made a promise to myself that i will take good care of this new baby of mine ;D

#mood : excited x mampus2 la.... bhahaha XD

moving on, bio paper was awesome shitsss bro, i tell u ppl u can die answering my bio paper kot. xyah nk dok susah2 g suicide yourself. just sit in a room with my exam bio form 5 paper. overall, it was fun sbb i actually tau nak answer some of the questions. *literally* (with a smiley kinky face) hekhekkk. wateva la, citer dye sekarang nie wat's pass is pass. kene keep movin forward keyh brahhs.

missing u know who i meant kn?... ouh yess, lately, i've been bz with studies and school stuff sampai nk text-ing, fb-ing and skype-ing ngan dye pon da malas.... sorry la. hectic kt my life rite now. hope u'll understand my situation and condition. dye busy with citrawarna and me busy being a good SPM candidates. cakap pasal citrawarna, it's gonna be held at DATARAN KUALA LUMPUR ; 8 pm. same time, same date. as usual la kn... 21 MAY 2011. yup yup. ><" jeles x dapat join this yr... fuuuuuucc....!!! never mind i da pernah experience so, it sokay....

hmmm, ape lg nk story eyh? ouh yess, kaki gua da elok la bro. ahaha. cuma x boleh nk dok lari macam usain bolt jerrr... sakit sikit2 tue ade lagi. wajip la... the docter said i have to give it a rest for 6 weeks. haiishhh =,=" k la, that's all for now.

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