Monday, May 23, 2011

gonna live out loud

hello and assalamualaikum korang.. ape kaba?? haaa? rase macam salah masuk blog? eyh, jgn la... nie mmg blog cik zuzu yg comel lote tu. haha. perasan gila minah nie kan? ouh well, blog nie da bertukar wajah sedikit. sedikit ke? macam banyak ade la kn kn hmmm, mood tgh rajin nk edit blg nie ha... thanks for droping by keyh peeps.lepas nie i'll up to date ngan korang about some tutorials that i would like to share...

btw, sorry la cik zuzu nie can't blogwalking for now sbb tgh exam mood good luck for me but i think i already srewed up my bio, physics, chem*especially* and probably add maths haha... wat the fish la i tell u. k, that's all for now peeps. gonna eat my McD's and go too sleep. nunite

Saturday, May 21, 2011

tolong saya PLEASE!!!

hye semua... haha, xyah nk dok hye sgt la kn sbb korang semua confirm tgh berdengkr sakan time mcm nie yelah, mne xnye... sekarang nie da almost pukul 2.30 pg and i'm still awake broo. watlek je. ouh well, actually i just edited my bloggy "comel dak? better hangpa semua ckp comel keyh, if x hangpa semua kena sembelit 30 hari..." haha, kejam gila aq weyh...

hmmm, nie cek nk habaq mai, cek zuzu nk mntak tolong sikit bole dak? anybody can't teach me how to add twitter status on header? I'M USING TEMPLATE DESIGNER but base code xml. hmm senang cita, template amik dr aq da try seibu puluh kali infinity tp x dpt2 gak ar... sedih gila kot. anybody boleh tolong dak? pls, comment this entri kepada sesiapa yg boleh tolong. tqsomuchie.

hmmm, kepada mereka yg request sruh aq uat tuto pasal mcm mne nk letak cute emoticons on entry... maybe later keyh, after my mid term exams over. for now just wait patiently. kan sabar tu separuh drpd iman ok, nk ckp sikit nie. can't wait for CITRAWARNA TOMORROW hope u guys do the best keyh juniors. kbai Xx

Thursday, May 19, 2011

this post gonna be a joke la.

hye yawww. assalamualaikum bros and brahss. how was yr day? hope ok... asal tajuk post cam haram jadah je? ouh well, sebenarnye... nk test my blog with the new emoticons stuff. damnn cool la weyh alang2 tu, baik trus update what happened today kn kn? haha. kk. well, today punya exam like dammmyumm susah gila. cuz i didn't study a thing at all cuz i'm so blank x tau nk study ape. gosh. nasib baik jela if i got great grades cuz seriously mmg i didn't study... btw, today exam physics paper 1 & 2. die la weyh hmm, nothing much to be told . that's all for today.

flying hug and kisses
bye yaww

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

i got a new baby boo :)

assalamualaikum & hello earthlings and human beings.

* baca post nie sambil dgr lagu nie ok. enjoy ;D *

tajuk post yg agak menggelabah kn kn? hekhek, ouh well, it's true tho. i just got a new baby boo... tehee jgn jeles ye bahh. ahuks!

ouh well, my new baby is not that canggih la ok. just a new and latest stuff from ASUS yaww. not bad la. futhermore, the price was quite reasonable doe... i made a promise to myself that i will take good care of this new baby of mine ;D

#mood : excited x mampus2 la.... bhahaha XD

moving on, bio paper was awesome shitsss bro, i tell u ppl u can die answering my bio paper kot. xyah nk dok susah2 g suicide yourself. just sit in a room with my exam bio form 5 paper. overall, it was fun sbb i actually tau nak answer some of the questions. *literally* (with a smiley kinky face) hekhekkk. wateva la, citer dye sekarang nie wat's pass is pass. kene keep movin forward keyh brahhs.

missing u know who i meant kn?... ouh yess, lately, i've been bz with studies and school stuff sampai nk text-ing, fb-ing and skype-ing ngan dye pon da malas.... sorry la. hectic kt my life rite now. hope u'll understand my situation and condition. dye busy with citrawarna and me busy being a good SPM candidates. cakap pasal citrawarna, it's gonna be held at DATARAN KUALA LUMPUR ; 8 pm. same time, same date. as usual la kn... 21 MAY 2011. yup yup. ><" jeles x dapat join this yr... fuuuuuucc....!!! never mind i da pernah experience so, it sokay....

hmmm, ape lg nk story eyh? ouh yess, kaki gua da elok la bro. ahaha. cuma x boleh nk dok lari macam usain bolt jerrr... sakit sikit2 tue ade lagi. wajip la... the docter said i have to give it a rest for 6 weeks. haiishhh =,=" k la, that's all for now.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


why couple people always fight?
why our parents sometimes fight?
why i need to fall in love in this kindda age? so young.
why i have to waste my time to satisfy all of u people?


and just why do u love me boo :'( if we keep fighting everyday.

hekhek, sorry for the emo post up there. hope the person i meant for this post understand. plssss :) btw, just finished blogwalking. hehe. ramai gak yg da upgrade their blog yaww. anyway good job blogger :)

i just had a dreadful month :(

assalamualaikum and hello :)

ok, sorry for the dead blog. tehee ♥ i'm so beezzyy sampai lupa at all about blogging in mind keyh. sorry to those ppl yg regularly visited my blog and yet still see the same post every time u guys visited keyh. apologize accepted? thanks peeps.

anyway this post gonna bit a bit long. sorry. hehe. so, let's start shall we... so, as u ppl yg follow my tweet should hv known that my ankle is in very bad condition now. aww. cuz my ligament koyak n i got a minor crakkk. that sound not so bad huh? well u ppl judge it k.

ok, da tgk kn kn? haha, bersimen plak tu... adoii. susah gila nk jalan k. thanks to my buddy yg tolong me all this time ok... well, i kene this on last wednesday around 4.30 something. i was playing netball for my class. this tournament is for the inter-calss thang. so yeahhh, result? my class wonnnn. wehooo. so, x kesah sgt actually when my ankle in this kindda condition. yg menjadikan persoalan is, how did i hurt really bad untill bersimen bagai kn kn? harhar... i was trying to catch the ball on the air then when i land... tersilap foot. then i rase unstabilised so, then terjatuh... *sorry for the bad grammar. haha.

ok, movin on... it's EXAM WEEK. yaikkss! so far, bm, mod maths (dead part) and agama was ok. so, i'm gonna update that much ok... but for now i'm so happy with myself. jyeahhh cuz i updated my blog. so, i'm gonna update again really soon. promise :)