Friday, April 29, 2011

sexy me. muahaha

I'M A BIT BITCHY WHEN IT COMES TO TAKING PICTURE *if u know what i mean... =.=".

xde motif nak update blog actually, just nak cakap had fun today with u dude  :) thanks for everything k. #alandalus is awee-somee weyh. depressing mood on cuz mid year exam is around the corner. gonna hardcore study. eventually NOT! loljks. taking major exams this year is not fun ok :'( btw, gua nak story sikit... hari nie agak bad luck kot cuz almost jatuh tangga, almost pijak bangkai tikus, almost die cuz of bio tuition class. hahahaahaha, aq mmg xde mood nk blaja bio today sbb blaja pasal "glands" like ewwww -.-"

enough with the drama... keyh, nak bgtau yg my SHOUTBOX is on the side... and when u guys go n scroll at the button it changes colour. how awesome is that. hehe and SHOUTBOX tu will dropdown from the top ok. if x paham? go and try it now and u will experience the magic... hehe. kbai. da ngantok. nunite. xoxo

keyh, promote a bit for my friends. do like this page keyh?
A Dream of Dreams
*thanks ppl :) appriciate all the affort u guys did

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