Thursday, April 7, 2011

inter class ♡

assalamualaikum n hello peeps! it's April & i'm so not ready for SPM! thumb's down likedat broo... hehe.

ouh well, sorry for the late update. now only got time k. bz with the MSSD thing. so, result open tournament last weekends was awesome... kitorang "MENANG"gung kekalahan.  kuang kuang kuang. not so bad la. made it to semi finals. actually kalah pon cuz the grouping agak la mencabar. x sangka plak grouping with remaja MBPJ & SMK Sek 4. daaammm & guess wutt ppl, i play GS on both of the match day. lagi la keje gila kn? overall we all had fun eventho x dapat bwk cenderahati pon. dapat cedera kat kaki ade la -.-" lebam aq pon x surut2 lagi nie weyhh...  so, this yr netball MSSD is on 12-14 of april, meaning lawan antara sekolah2 around Petaling Utama k. hope to death my school will win again this yr. pretty plss cuz we da menang 3 times berturut-turut baii... bukan nk berlagak or watsoeva. it's all about strategy n energy! 
*at this moment i'm missing our ex-coach Pn Maha!

then in this week ade inter class plak... haiyyyooo. penat! then roud run is on this saturday. gonna run for yellow house dis yr cuz it is my last time to run for the yellow team. hekhek! suddenly, everything also got inter class. td tetibe dpt tau ade inter class dance competion plak =.=" lawak lawak!

moving on... today ade ceramah about sejarah thinggy. ppl come and promote n stuff. "agak interesting-lah jugak!" i skipped 4 tuition classes this week. got scolded for that yesterday by mum & today no bm tuition ++ sejarah was dammmnn fun. *can't concentrate 100% cuz of Zakwan's annoyingness! (btw, zakwan is my new buddy at tuition now since my boo bg i kwn ngan dye. teheee) went back home. 

freaaakking tired now! 

so, that all for now. will update realll soon k. promise ya... 

btw, along, can i change my phone to Blackberry? weeee

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