Saturday, April 30, 2011

elehhh, bajet la lu mat

this is what happen to kids nowadays

zuzukent :
       mak bapak cop duit boleh la. LOL
taken from here
lodsa love mate ♥

Friday, April 29, 2011

sexy me. muahaha

I'M A BIT BITCHY WHEN IT COMES TO TAKING PICTURE *if u know what i mean... =.=".

xde motif nak update blog actually, just nak cakap had fun today with u dude  :) thanks for everything k. #alandalus is awee-somee weyh. depressing mood on cuz mid year exam is around the corner. gonna hardcore study. eventually NOT! loljks. taking major exams this year is not fun ok :'( btw, gua nak story sikit... hari nie agak bad luck kot cuz almost jatuh tangga, almost pijak bangkai tikus, almost die cuz of bio tuition class. hahahaahaha, aq mmg xde mood nk blaja bio today sbb blaja pasal "glands" like ewwww -.-"

enough with the drama... keyh, nak bgtau yg my SHOUTBOX is on the side... and when u guys go n scroll at the button it changes colour. how awesome is that. hehe and SHOUTBOX tu will dropdown from the top ok. if x paham? go and try it now and u will experience the magic... hehe. kbai. da ngantok. nunite. xoxo

keyh, promote a bit for my friends. do like this page keyh?
A Dream of Dreams
*thanks ppl :) appriciate all the affort u guys did

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

i miss those things that we left behind

  • still sedih and depress bout the MSSD thang
  • kne marah ngan "ehem" cuz of stupid things :'(
  • jatuh longkang
  • i'm sick, demam tau x?
  • citrawarna 2011 practice was OK so far. hmmm

that's all.

this above picture make me wanna cry. loljks

Monday, April 25, 2011

what i've been goin thru

Assalamualaikum n hello ppl. how r u? lama gak i didn't update with any post rite? rindu eyh. kehkeh *sorry agak menggelabah ayam sikit*

hekk, my post gonna be a bit long. sorry k peeps. hehehe.

well, pass few weeks i'm bz with netball, WHOOTS! SMK Sultan Abdul Samad, PJ (which is my school) win again this yr... and amazingly both U18 & U15 plak tuhhh :DD perghh bangga tahap gaban bhaiii. agak la. cuz we (the seniors) didn't expect that U15 punya team can menang ok. sorry guys. we really underestimated u guys k sbb cara korang main sumpah kampung kot time training n it's fuckkkinggg hard to find combination kot -.-" but everything when ok and Alhamdulillah. WE WON! weee~~~

then i got selected pergi selection for wakil daerah. there were SEVEN OF US. but then only FIVE WERE CHOSEN not including me TT_TT sedihh bhaii this yr x dapat daerah. what to do. x ckup tinggi kot. i don't blame my mum or myself or Allah for not making me tall but agak pelik cuz this yr x dapat actually. padahal last yr gua dapat bhaii. hmmm, pilih kasih? mungkin juga menjadi faktor but who the hell am i nak judge this kindda stuff ayte? bak kata coach "AWAK X CUKUP CITARASA UNTUK MAIN DAERAH" loljk!

then moving on, x dapat daerah jawabnye aq masuk citrawarna la kn kn dis yr... hell's yeah (Y) thanks Daniel sbb tolong i k and Helmi plus Faizul too. thanks to the them & Chi Kent cuz sudi ajar i the step from A-Z. goshhh, the zapin part is killing me ><" die lorhhh. anyway... still got time.

so farrr, i'm still feeling not taking SPM. *bermonolog kejap* the hell zue? nk mati ke? hehe loljk. mne de la. i da start buat revision oke. baik kn kn? hehe *sambil tangan ke bahu mata pandang ke atas*

that's all for now. adios amigas. 

not feeling nk blogwalking right now sorry :'(

ouh yaaa almost forgot.... i'm promoting this blogshop cuz it's awesome *thumbs up!*
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Thursday, April 14, 2011


x percaya cuz

got selected pergi selection for MSSD
gado again with my "ehem" :'(
x pergi medical check-up for camp PKBM

the most important part is


k, this is lame. bye. got to get ready for tommorow :) good luck to me

Sunday, April 10, 2011

bring it on!

hello n assalamualaikum peep-poos :)

i changed my header. see see see

to this 

ok, i changed it cuz sebok nk letak status twitter on my header. it look so niceezzz ==" *syok sendri mood ON*

still had a big fight with him -.-" i think so... asal tetibe kita masing2 x bole nk paham each one and another feelings? ok, mmg salah zue. i'm the most idiotic person on earth kn? zue yg kne berubah kn? zue yg jahat kn? zue yg slalu menipu kn? OK FINE. THANKS! zue ikut semua ckp u k.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

i do, i wanna marry u!

sayang, plss don't leave me sorry if always sakit kn hati u. not like i purposely do ok! not every God's creation is perfect. I'M SO SORRY TILL INFINITY ok! plss maafkn zue :'(
sincerely from my heart k boo i wanna marry u :'( 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

inter class ♡

assalamualaikum n hello peeps! it's April & i'm so not ready for SPM! thumb's down likedat broo... hehe.

ouh well, sorry for the late update. now only got time k. bz with the MSSD thing. so, result open tournament last weekends was awesome... kitorang "MENANG"gung kekalahan.  kuang kuang kuang. not so bad la. made it to semi finals. actually kalah pon cuz the grouping agak la mencabar. x sangka plak grouping with remaja MBPJ & SMK Sek 4. daaammm & guess wutt ppl, i play GS on both of the match day. lagi la keje gila kn? overall we all had fun eventho x dapat bwk cenderahati pon. dapat cedera kat kaki ade la -.-" lebam aq pon x surut2 lagi nie weyhh...  so, this yr netball MSSD is on 12-14 of april, meaning lawan antara sekolah2 around Petaling Utama k. hope to death my school will win again this yr. pretty plss cuz we da menang 3 times berturut-turut baii... bukan nk berlagak or watsoeva. it's all about strategy n energy! 
*at this moment i'm missing our ex-coach Pn Maha!

then in this week ade inter class plak... haiyyyooo. penat! then roud run is on this saturday. gonna run for yellow house dis yr cuz it is my last time to run for the yellow team. hekhek! suddenly, everything also got inter class. td tetibe dpt tau ade inter class dance competion plak =.=" lawak lawak!

moving on... today ade ceramah about sejarah thinggy. ppl come and promote n stuff. "agak interesting-lah jugak!" i skipped 4 tuition classes this week. got scolded for that yesterday by mum & today no bm tuition ++ sejarah was dammmnn fun. *can't concentrate 100% cuz of Zakwan's annoyingness! (btw, zakwan is my new buddy at tuition now since my boo bg i kwn ngan dye. teheee) went back home. 

freaaakking tired now! 

so, that all for now. will update realll soon k. promise ya... 

btw, along, can i change my phone to Blackberry? weeee

Friday, April 1, 2011

having a rough time but still put a smile on my face ;D

heyya ppl. saya sihat hari nie. (April's Fool)... so, meaning saya x sihat la k. i need a plss. A.S.A.P.!

hmmm, officially today gua jejak kaki ke SMK Sultan Abdul Samad, PJ. kehekeh... power x? cool baii ponteng seminggu ++ hehehe... so, da janji xnak buat da and nak focus SPM. asal la tajuk entri kali nie agak gelabah jiwang karat kn??? ouh well, biase la tgh gado2 manje ngan SYAM  bukan slalu pon kn boo ? so, esok gua ade game open netball kt Kelana Jaya. dewan ape kename entah... SS7 something -.-"

"boo , if u boleh datang, please datang keyh? rindu! n bg support i tournament nie! kehkeh"

#mood : rase nk buat another slide video with my boo  lg or maybe buat an actual video or something. hehe. so, k bai. mau tido. so, here u goo ppl to 'em yg didn't watch my video yet.

our love story

(kindly, just see my previous post for the video :P)