Sunday, March 20, 2011

my 267 post *might be a bit touching*

assalamualikum & hello earthlings ++ cute panda

"school holidays da abis. so, ape cer gua rase nak cuti lagi one week nie?" LOL.

supp braah and broo normal la dak perangai macam tu kn? well, that's what happened i tell ya if your holidays ARE NOT WELL SPEND ! *toot* hmmm, so nk dok story sikit inner feeling gua time school hols nie.

*xyah bace la post kali nie if korang x interested!*

i miss the time we all to-gether2... FRIENDS. lately aku rase agak kekurangan member kt skola. maybe cuz of my atitude. ouh well, i can't help myself if sometimes perangai gua a bit bitchy keyh. bak kata Lady Gaga "baby i was born this way" ahuksss! don't worry k guys. i try my best to fit in back & be friends with u guys back. hope u guys boleh accept gua as a buddy ==" to AIN KAMRUZAMAN & ZETY RAZAK ... i miss u guys so badly soob soob. miss yr kisses n hugs guysss!

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