Thursday, February 3, 2011

OMG it's CNY '11!

Happy Chinese New Year to all my leng lui & leng cai friends  teheee. hope you guys gonna have a blast one yaww. look at me... so in the CNY spirit doug! hehehe. don't i looked just adorable with a bunny ear on my head. haha... *puji diri sendiri LOL. 4 days of holiday just pass by like that! ouh great i'm so gonna regret for not studying. blame me! yess! agree... so, nak study ke? memang kalau ikut mood takan pernah datang la citer dia... but nanti2 da ade semangat i will and that's A PROMISE! kambate broo! 

well, nak makan! lapa lapa lapa! i rarely eat nowadays. x tau la asal! kene makan apeton or something -.-"

P/S: HAPPY SWEET 17 to my classmate partner Jenny Ng Li Sar

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