Friday, January 7, 2011

sekali aku maki kau terus tuka url blog ye cik kak? bagus! jadi tolong la jangan jadi biatch plagiat sangat k. blog kau takan kemana pon if asyik copy from other people.

so, why am i onlining? shittts! promise mom i wouldn't do that but what heck i don't give a damn!

*sorry post xde title. can't think of any. LOL!

recap for this school week! urghhh  first day  i da rase emo cuz no body want to hug me :'( and got 2 essays to be done.  second day  got mod maths and have to hafal sejarah, saw Danny cuz he transfer to my school... HAHA. went back home and daftar my tuition which i'm supposed to attend by this week but to lazy to go!  third day  was likeee weeehooo! cuz everything berjalan dengan lancar except the rainy part on the evening so, i can't go for tuition!  4th day  i lencun sampai sekolah ok... pfffttt -.-" like seriously cuz it rains heavily tho.  5th day  which is today, it is fun cuz i got post for my rumah sukan. *like everybody know that* then balik umah terus tido cuz i demam rite now! HARHAR...

ok, road run is on 22 january. damnn! so early. hope that i'll will upgrade this year. last yr i got 11th placing :'( no medalll! pffttt... no fair!

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