Saturday, January 29, 2011

my new house

hello korangg... perghh lama gak i didn't update this blog kan? blogwaking pon da jarang da... haha. so, finally today i decided to make up blog! NO MORE PINK! hahaha... yup... xde pinkish sangat da my bloggy. now it looks more grudge doe pluss more colour tehee..

penat wooo, edit blog! pergghhh ade gak ar 12 jam... sumpah penat bhaaiii... but i like it. hehehe... 12 jam tu bukan la menghadap pc je... berhenti makan, mandi, berak kejap.. hahaha loljk! kali nie i edit a bit different sikit. eventho still use the same picture or image *cuz i'm so lazy to search for a new one. so, my shoutbox is on the left and the follow button is on the top right of the blog... then to stop the awesome song is on the bottom right. GET IT? bukak mata besaq² sikit naaa. hahaha.

so? what you guys think? comment² cepatan sihhh!

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