Saturday, January 1, 2011

it's a new year and a day to be remember

assalamualaikum and hello uolsss... so, how was your first day of 2011? awwhsome rite? well, mine was kicking fun and awesome cuz today is my father's birthday...


so, today pegi celebrate my dad's birthday at Kemensah near the Zoo Negara. mandi-manda... with the family! i mean a really big family sebab my sister bawak family sebelah ipar dia and so did my bro. memang meriah la birthday my dad this year sebab semua besan dia turun padang... haha. anyway. thanks Kak Ngah (my bro's wifey) sebab buatkan birthday cake specially homemade for abah ... SEDAPP!!! hihi.

OUHEMMGEEE! i'm gonna be 17 really soon. harhar. getting old edi. and THIS MONDAY SCHOOL STARTED lol! like seriously no jokes! ishhh, how times fly :'( sedih2 btw, can't wait to see yah sayang ♥ at school.
"sayang, nak tau x yang this year we can go recess together. aww aww :D i like."

keyh... off to get my school stuff ready and to bed.

P / S : all today's pictures will be upload later. adiosa chikas and amigos!

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