Tuesday, January 4, 2011

it's first day of school & i'm a SENIOR now (n_n)

assalamualaikum and hello fella. ok, i know i promise to my parents that i wouldn't online since i'm taking SPM diz year. so, need to be more focusing on studying instead of blogging, facebooking, twittering, and tumblring... but hells yeahhh i'm gonna stop all this. although i need to go somewhere else to online -.-" who cares ayte... i'm just to eager to update bout my first day at school as a SENIOR! *gaaahhh


well, first day of school was awesome sikit cuz meet old buddies, meet the hihihihi... asal hihihih? sebab selalu hihihihi dengan dorang and the not so best part is, member satu kelas tanak cakap rindu watsoeva tapi member sebelah kelas siap peluk bagai... haha. apehal rite? mampus kau ahhh. then hari first day da ade like banyak jugak la homework. karangan and english essays :) coolio.

k, chiow... i'll update soon and maybe just gonna leave my blog and other links dead TT__TT well, will see keyh. adios brahhss.


Thanks for reading this post

Hye brader and sisto, cakap je ape nak!
Tapi ayat kasi elok sikit ok.