Sunday, January 9, 2011

ala, pasal THAT BITCH tu lagi =="

assalamualaikum and hello fella ppl. happy weekends! gonna update laju-laju cuz after zuhur, me and my parents are goin to my monkay sister house... so, i'm gonna continue update from there keyh :)

just updating cuz i wanna link up u guys to the bitch that copy my bloggy

remember this post? 

or this

well, mesti korang eager nak tau sape ryte? well, dulu zuzu penah link up link dia then she changed her url!
so, try la nie...
well, tu jela yang aku dapat from the courtesy of Google. but now currently i think she uses the same url back but she added extra 'L' to the url! pfffttt... haha. which is . her blog now damnn awwsome la wa cakap lu. haha. sape edit kn? bukan kau la for sure. cuz dulu pon kau copy aku kn? so, it's kindda impposible for me to convince myself yang kau edit your blog by yourself bebey :)


Thanks for reading this post

Hye brader and sisto, cakap je ape nak!
Tapi ayat kasi elok sikit ok.