Monday, December 6, 2010


hi uollls. sorry la for not updating much. hurmm. been bz lately. keep sleeping at 4 am and more! haishhh. eyebags da bergayut mcm nenek kebayan. what's worst is i've a bigger problem in me. forget the problem part plss readers. so, wake up at 10 just now. then bgun je basuh muke gosok gigi then online. haha. where the mandi part? pffftt. till now i still not taking my bath yet. well, planning jogging this evening with my sayang ♥ *awww. must keep a healthy body. act, nk jog sbb da put on weight major kes ROLF. mmg bgus la kn. so, gonna update very soon bout what's going on today. hope it will be blissful as hell tho.

P / S : I still x tau what's the name of that sneakers! da la cari kt en google pon x jumpe. Pity Me. shit u. haha. prasan x post kali nie xde menatang smiley tue? hah. MALAS LA LMFAO!

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