Wednesday, December 1, 2010

sorry ok :D

asslamulaikum and hello readers... i'm sorry cause MY CHATBOX is not available right now  *amboi dok speakang plak daaahh.. hoho. bukan sbb ape... ade masalah sikit la dgn ShoutMix zuzu nie. mesti Page Not Available whatsoeva benci i tauk! hahaha... korang slalu x dpt masalah mcm nie? tolong la weyh... ok la... nk g upload gamba dating td kt facebook then later i'll update bout it keyh.
adios amigos!


eyh my shoutbox da back to normal la... maybe cause da lame x login kot that's why gila sikit... ahaks! jgn lupe tgglkan jejak anda keyh :D awesome 

so how's yr december going? mine was fine... for today. thanks for the movie syg. gonna update soon later haters! if i have any. i think i do. everybody does. so shut the fuck up minah & mat. haha.

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