Monday, December 6, 2010

OHEMGEE, u're the greatest stalker eva!

hyeyyo. assalamualaikum peeps! i already took my bath foshore! *ape menatang foshore plak nie? haha. "for sure" la. hurmm, getting really feed up with annoying mega freaks ppl la... seriously and especially kat MUKABUKU errk! asal kat sana eyh? sbb tu la yg paling latest afta MYSPACE as far as i known... well, i'm not gonna approve strangers. if u happend to be friend of a friend and we have meet then might approve u. but if u add me up then never even say hi or watsoeva, i x teragak-agak will delete u brahhs. might just block u terus. then u x yah susah da add me up back. i'll approve u if u are my blogger friends tho. *no promises. one more thing... please la jangan  buat facebook macam myspace! ouhemmgee peeps! asal la nak suruh orang comment pictures and watsoeva... grrr. nak kene gigit ke? haha. ok, that was actually a warning eyhhh. take it seriously if u 're dealing with me.

P / S : i'm a very cerewet person. so, sorry

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