Wednesday, November 17, 2010

sacrifices T___T

assalamualaikum readers an hallu... so, how's your night? haha. for sure i'm damnn freaking tired ouh... sbb ari nie my family buat makan2 sikit and a little bit tahlil arwah & doa selamat. *at this moment i really miss my opah T__T anywayyyy...

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to all muslims around the globe. sorry la agak lambat sikit nk wish sbb bz with house cleaning and masak rendang bagai smlm en... hahaha... ari nie makan2 pon nothing special on the menu. my mum masak nasi ayam for the guest * i pon tolong my mum masak sikit keyh... thanks kat My Sayang  and Adam sbb sudi dtg. bab makan laju je kn korang dtg umah aq :P

trime la picture hari raye aidiladha gua td. waner ijau plak (so greennnyyy) muke penat kot -.-"

nie plak picture of my mummy , my monkayy sister and me   

so, penat pon x hilang lg nie. nak tidoooo!!! so, adiosa amigos. nunite

p/s : to all non-muslims i wishes u a happy holidays guyss... i'm gonna miss u for 2 months 4 Adilian's of SMKSAS, PJ. so, see yah next yr.

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