Monday, November 8, 2010

mood swings >(

assaalamualaikum and hello readersss... sorry for the DEAD BLOG! haha. now it's 12.54 and i'm not asleep yet. almost a week i didn't even try to persuade myself to update my baby bloggy. i don't even know why. ouh well, mybe i'm going through a hard life time nowadays. errr...
i juz broke up with my ex (technically i asked for the brake up but he is being a psycho man DONT WANT TO LET ME GO!) yup! his officially going a hard time taking the decision i made... i just realize that i've been supporting his life all this while!

2yrs with him was a waste?? HELL'S YAHHH ! sumpah aku tanak jumpe laki mcm kau lg da oke!

TO YOU MISTER S_ _ _ _ Q ! pls let me go! if x aku terpakse go and ask my dad to call the police! u are scary man! get away from me!!!  grrr.

ouh yess! life is complicated as we know it... better learnt from our mistakes! so yeahhh. btw, tuan tanah blog ini akan memulakan operasi blogwalking nye this weekends... so, wait till my names poops out in your shotboxes! till then adiosa mahh lovely readers.

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  1. u should just move on with yr life tho :D


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