Friday, October 8, 2010

your song make me droolz

i just love this song. bring it to the beat ppl :D
love u USHER BEBEYH <3

so, today going to hv breakfast with my boyfie. wouhhhyeahhh! *gatal na? haha. mkn ape eyk? bihun soto? pon sedap jugak... hihi.

talked on the phone with my sister yesterday :'( eventhough baru jumpe last wednesday... still rindu. yela, dye da kawin and da ade family dye sendri ryte? hurmm... we talked almost 2 hours full of crap-ness yaww. normal la kn? girls on the phone. mstila ckp mcm2. errr... ==" 
ade ke patut she said that i'm a good model kinda person :D *ewwww. haha. x de bakat la. seriously. photography terrer ar. modelling? ekkkk... WRONG ANSWER BABE. pape pon. we should try something new in life ayte? so, next time i wanna pose for the camera. NOT HOLDING THE CAMERA :P

p/s : don't tell my dad i skip school again today :D

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