Sunday, October 31, 2010

party all night long!

sorry la readers... zuzu xde mood nk BLOGWALKING for now! bz la. sorry bangat seyh!
ouh well, smlm lpk pavi, bb :D best sangat! so, tgk la gmba je eyh.

meet my lesbo! her name is Chichi Stella 
i love her so muchie. she got a new boyfie. same as me! jyeahh sisterzz

ade byk lagi picture. but i think this both picture just describe it all
*sorry for the blurness of the second picture.

oke, now citer pasal my other awesome buddies!
her name is SYERA  ouh, and ouh yeahhh i  her too.
same as me, she also wrote about me on her baby bloggy! that's even why i  her moree and moreee
haha... see what she makes for me

haha, nice kn? mmg pon. act, i edit sikit2. nk tgk ape dye story bout me? haha, x yah la. malu i *pui pui
*click on the award to see the story

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