Thursday, September 9, 2010

yeay yeay! still in KL -,-"

รεlﻪოﻪէ ﻪгﻨ гﻪկﻪ ﻪժﻨlfﻨէгﻨ ოﻪﻪF չﻪհﻨг & ъﻪէﻨռ

tommorow raye la babe. jyeaah! happy giler but sad also at the same time cuz diz year raye in KL ==" ERRR... all my cousin pon said the same thing. wish my grandmother was here. semoga ALLAH mencucuri rohmu wahai nenek ku ;( *rindu opah sgt2 la... wuaaa

hurmm... i almost break upwith him MR. S
bile break up je, every body started to asked me why? when? and so on.. grrr -,-"
asal u guys all suke jd paparazzi eyh? best ke?
i need time to think about this relationship la.
plss capital 'S' i need u but errr.... IT'S COMPLICATED rite now!
u need to understand me ok?

time for bebruke now. adios amigos.

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