Wednesday, September 15, 2010

i need a new one anyway

ouh beby come to mummy! i need u ryte now la...
i really need a new phone. my old one is killing me. gahhh -,-"


ze weekend was spend blissfully! NOT! haha. lpk with my sister n her husband. damn awesome giler kot. hurmm... tgk wayang at PAVILLION, KL citer RESIDENT EVIL : THE AFTERLIFE. sumpah best weyhh... rugi pade sesiape yg blom tgk lagik. hehehe.

hurmmm... i'm totally bored ryte now ^.^" x tau nk buat ape... so, i've decided to list out plan starting tommorow :D

here we go :
  1. wednesday - hang out with shafiq, chichi, and sha. planning to watch STEP UP in 3D. then lpk n mkn2 untill 5 pm. haha. any changes and story i will update oke? get back home then my sis amik g lpk rumah dye :D
  2. thursday - my sis buat open house besar2an. jemputlah datang.
  3. friday - gi braye rumah azam. chichi ajak then shafiq txt so, kne la pegi
  4. saturday - lpking with my babies and darlingss... ouh how i miss yahh guysss
  5. sunday - rest and get my school things ready... then probably update a post bout wht act happened. THE END

nite and tooddles. XOXO

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