Tuesday, September 7, 2010

all good called it nude?

i ♥ u Chichi...

damnn it so long already i never blog yeahh... sorry readers. it's juz been such a hectic week wooo. for sure i don't really visit my blog lately (T.T) *hah emo time. hurmmm... ok let start story mory now...

last week my school celebrate penutupan hari kemerdekaan & tadarus al-Quran. so been bz with the girls from PPI. act i menyibuk only la. haha. btw, PPI stands for Persatuan Pelajar Islam. sekolah korang ade? xde? haha. LOSER la... any how... they been selling goodies for hari raya thang *not so interested to know. good jobs guys (:

ouh how i miss my last last weekends. it was awesome bebeyh. hanging out with my dearest one. and of course my darlingss... chichi and iera. well celebrate luqman b'day of course plus meet new friends && boyfie... hahaha. wink wink =^^= bad gurl nowadays.
then last saturday hang out with my pet bro, ABG ARAI. went shopping and shisha. damn fun weyh. rugi la spe xde. then on sunday went to MidV to pierce my tongue but then xjd cuz plan with chichi buad after she finishes her SPM trials. gud luck sis!!! ok. buad kt klang the piercing thang cuz sane much more like 3x cheaper. so yeahh... look out for my tongue guys...

yesterday went berbuke with Najwa Ridzuan , Fatin Nabilah , Fadhil Rushdan , Azimuddin , Nurul Fadhilah , Ariff Zamri and my greatest buddy on earth Nurul Ain . i miss u so much babe. hurmm... my life went a little bit crazy since u left me in Samad all alone... *crying mode ppl. over all best giler la lepak buke same2 nagn diorang semua smalam. gelak sampai guling2 kot... Fadhil ouh Fadhil... next time ko jgn buad lawak bodo mcm tue lg da ok? hahaha.

so far that's all i can remember. if i ingt i post ok readers?? adios amigos


  1. salam lebaran...dkesempatan nie wan nak ucapkan salam kemaafan ..selamat hari raya...maaf zahir dan batin..ade ke batin??hhehe..

    Wan post kat ruangan komen entri ..so tak kan hilang...salam aidilfitri..

  2. รεlﻪოﻪէ ﻪгﻨ гﻪկﻪ ﻪժﻨlfﻨէгﻨ ოﻪﻪF չﻪհﻨг & ъﻪէﻨռ...


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