Saturday, August 7, 2010

&here we go again

hidayah finally upload the picture in sivik's class 2 days ago... *thanks bebeyh (:

sport's carnival is tomorrow and dang it i can't sleep man. -__-" like hell tho. btw, my life is getting much more complicated now days... shittos!!

for u darling, pilss stop acting like a bafoun tho... cuz of u i don't know who to trust larrr... now u making up stories or u might be telling the truth but then it's like u guys both planned this so i could let him go slowly. he might lie to me or telling the truth also. wateva is it i'm in love with him and no one could break us apart. i miss u sayangss. i miss all those things that we us to shared and the things that we use to do together. sigh *emo lah zulaika nie -,-"

lps abis event in school... Bukit Bintang, here i come. see yah guys there*wink wink dpt DSLR blk (:

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