Thursday, August 12, 2010

sorry seems to be the hardest word

i LOVE u guysss nighaaa! haha. best buddy award should go to this three monsters that i adore the most (:

oke, today ade rehearse for HARI ANUGERAH CEMERLANG 2010 and that is tomorrow. then tgk budak tarian buad dance *help them with the costume thinggy. ouh ouh, btw SHAFIQ kne blaja tarian zapin in one day. haha. kesian kn u darling :' ) it's sokay i know u can do it. -kate nk jd professional dancers ken? kambate- ouh yeahhh bsok kne datang skola at 6.30 sharp. adess! mlsnye cuz kne help setup the dancers -__-" ngantok la in d morning.

yesterday, someone call me. then we talked like until my phone credit run out :D

i like him but he likes someone else and that someone else is my besties ;/ hurmmm.
xpe la i dont mind cuz i know u like her cuz she's hot and i certainly out of your league ryte?
i never ever ever talked on the phone like what i did with u. i dont even know u that well but it's like we have meet 10 yrs ago and still contacting each other. pelik kn?? yup! i pon rase bnde yg same la (: hye, it's your destiny with her. go ahead. tc of her oke? dye slalu saked as in demam and so on. why i ckp kt u i da break? sorayy, i still with my dearest boyfie. he apologize. even nabi pon ampunkn umatnye so, i have to maafkn him ayte?

I JUST REALLY REALLY LIKE U THO. u different from other guys that i hv meet and i fell like i know better even thought u are a stranger... Lihin, forgive me for falling in love with u! I'M SOORRY! Plss forgive me :'(

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