Wednesday, August 11, 2010

nahh, i'm still strong

first day of puase is like a day were there's no water and food la... come on man! not like we are dying or nothing it's just we kne tahan kjap je... MAHGRIB time bole la mkn (: *yumyum
i miss AIN so badly ryte now. why u didn't call me no more sys? hurmmm... i miss u oke? hope u are doin well in SBP. ouh ouh, i miss u too monkey, IZZETY! bile nk blk nie? ko da lame x cium pipi aq ken? haha! jom la bukak puase same2. haiiishhh -___-"
there's alot of changes since everybody seems to moved on with their life nowadays. && i still stuck in my own little world. *alaaa bak kate pepatah "KATAK BAWAH TEMPURUNG" grrr. ok it's officially a hot day today. it's gonna get even hotter. trust me. Ramadhan also meaning 'Panas Terik' also u know? so, kne la perbanyakan amal ibadah. so that sentiase sejuk... make sense ayte? hurmm, the dikir barat thing just made my day today. even thought panas sanagt, imean yelaaa practice at tapak perhimpunan at 11.20 a.m. the sun started to stand above are head mannn! then finally teacher suruh practice at gym... heeuuuww, fun (: *i almost forgot the dikir barat steps but nahhh. mane bole forget ayte? it's a event of a life time ok. btw, there's rumours saying that the CITRAWARNA $$ is already with the teacher. haha! fun weyhh... but they also said that RM50 kne ambik cuz of the food and the transport thang! no fair... hurmmm ;'( ouh well as long dpt duit wokeyh la ken? hehe~~

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