Monday, August 2, 2010

be fair ok darl?

hurm,,, the song on my blog make ppl cry... ;'( haiiihhh! i just love the songs btw, especially SOLDIER by BUNKFACE. btw, a warm welcome to


so many thing will happen in this month : -
  1. my 2 yrs anniversary with my boyfie. MUHAMMAD SHAFIQ SAHLI. love yahhh aby (:
  2. karnival sukan. haha
  3. step down - step up for librarian
  4. partayyy. makan2 byk2 :9
  5. fasting month -,-"
  6. NATIONAL DAY - 31st
for now that's all i can think of. i will update soon for more.
physics test tommorow. last paper. no likey ;'/

btw guys if u guys interested on buying this order it to me :D
the price : RM25.00 (700gm)

btw, anything else just click this link here -->

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