Tuesday, August 17, 2010

always sick

gosh it's already 7 days of fasting and the weather is quiet weird tho...
seriously... sometimes panas terik giler then at night it rains heavily and it's damnn cold in the morning. thank u Allah, u make me loving going to school the nxt morning cuz i don't act sweat a lot in the morning like usual (: *yela, if jalan kaki g bustop msti la peluh ken?? -,-"

time bulan puase taon nie my body is not very in good condition lahh. i always demam at night! hurmmm. antibody yg sgt lemah la zulaika* grrr... dgn laparnye. dugaan dugaan. fuhhh. even today pon x dtg skola... plus stomach ache hishhh... perut senak sgt in the morning. dunno why la.

LAPAR > LAPAR > LAPAR > LAPAR > my tummy is singing in the afternoon!*bulan pose jeh dye nk nanyi

haha. LOL*

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