Thursday, July 1, 2010

just can't forget bout it

in the bus before the BIG SHOW (:

*this too... pfft... purani wht's with the face? LOL


after the show... chamwhoring!!!

i know this is like so long time ago but CITRAWARNA is something so sweet tht happened in our life & i guess tht what make us so hard to forget about it. there is some sweet && bad memory tho at the event but wht pass is pass ayte? i don't blame anyone about wht happened...

HE GOT A FACEBOOK? u hv got to be kidding me man. nk carik awek bru la tuh. fine la x ksah. go on with your life ok? wtf -,-"

i miss u daddy... hurmmm, why u kne pegi ipoh? *gesshhh. just plan out nk brkfst together lahhh -___-" itsokay. iknow why. mom told me. mcm nk nangis je mase say goodbye just now. && this is like the time u went perlis in 2005(i think)

btw, kalia blk from camp yesterday (: *blogg about the camp shista!

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