Friday, July 9, 2010

it's what i feel

ouh nooo!!! today is like the most important day of every parents life... the day they can know deeply about their children in school... it's OPEN DAY! *asal aq mcm excited giler nie? HAHA!well my result is very teluk one... i got 2 FAILED... jyeahhh... ok la ken? ouh well, it is what i deserved cuz go on play netball and the CITRAWARNA thang... then umpan my dad to buy nasi goreng paprik at my school... damnnn delicio/us ouh. my sister is not feeling well today so, doing the same routine... playing puzzle. btw, i got 28/30 in class weee~~~ told u so my result is very teluk one... kene work harder key bebeh? and to CHALYSTHA LEE, THE CUPCAKE WAS DELICIOUSLY AWESOME!!! it's worth the price (:

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