Tuesday, July 20, 2010


KO PIKIR KO BGUS KE MINAH? hahahah! derr... cermin diri tue dulu yerr... (n_n)

changed my templete again :D yeah i know it's black! it's emo month for me tho... ade je masalah yg datang menimpa. dgn perangai member yg makan member, i'm giving up my dreams. urggghhh! such a tension week. -,-" everything needs to be perfect for every single pair of eyes....
and now my world is full of dust with no one to guide me in this hazzy, air that full of dis-likeness and u standing there ryte around the corner in my nightmare saying that i should't have a dreams. u keep going bring me down and try to tear me apart! what is it for anyway? if the status "HOT" that u want... take it. i don't need it LOL! u just a game in my mind... i won't let u win this game cuz imma break the rule!

haha! the best post that i've ever written ayte? if that person realize who i'm talking bout than u guys better changed you attitude la! KEJAR HOT X BOLE BAWAK G SYURGA PON! btw, my fever is getting worst ever! and ISRA' & MIKRAJ at school was the bom as they said... miss the JAMUAN PPI today! zammmmnnnn!!!! *hope sedap la ken? and guys i'm sorry i've let u down at the jamuan :D (aq bukannye PHOTOGRAPHER TERHEBADD pon)

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