Tuesday, July 27, 2010


i've lost my wallet on friday, 23 july 2010... then i went and go do my IC myself cuz my dad is quite pissed off i've lost it... i went and do the report first with my brother at the BALAI POLIS PANTAI... then my report stated that i was been pick pocket... hehe (: hurmmm.... then went and do my IC on monday... * hehe skipping school wooo!! about 3a.m in the morning my father woke me up the he said "adik, looked some post your wallet!" i was like "huh???" *biasa la kn mamai kottt... tetibe jeh bgn then dpt wallet blk! well... yup, that "person" post my wallet back at my address... thanks stranger. even though i know u took the mONEY! but it's ok cuz u gave back my wallet (: thanks anyway...


today exams was like woahhh -,-" cuz x tau pon today exam add maths... thanks dayah, kalia and fatin cuz tolong :P bm pon same jugak... mcm x exam jeh. da lah han wey and roshan asyik pndang blakang ... tau2 jela ape diorang buat if pndang blakang at me and dayah ... haha. tomorrow exam :-
  1. agama
  2. physics
  3. mod maths
  4. sejarah!!
ayoyo! mati lah...

ok guys. here imma gonna promote a bit bout my SISTER IN-LAW business line :-
http://damiaarissa.blogspot.com/ <--- go this link. pls and tqsomuchie
  1. cupcakes
  2. kuih-muih
  3. canopy for wedding
  4. cakes more than 2 layers also ade :D
have fun viewing

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