Friday, July 30, 2010

another mistakes

hye, assalamualaikum! to those who have known Zulaika Ramli she's living us all. went to another world where she meet her creator back... as her friend(s) i wish u being placed among the good ones in heaven darling. her is something that Zulaika would like to say before she's gone :

to my friend at school. thanks for being there for me. it's a very fun moment together. sorry if i have made u guys hate me or really wanted me go to the another world. we are teenagers and we are still young. like my mom used to say,"if u did not had any fight in high school meaning u are not enjoying life while it lasted ". maybe my mom was right. i'm SORRY for everything. if i used to eat your food and used your money pls inform my parents a.s.a.p. tq. so much frineds. fatin, kalia, hidayah... tq so much guys for everything. even tho i only know u guys for almost 4 yrs but u guys are the most best ever friend that a person could have. as for kalia, i still missing those days in promary school whn there was u, zahira, ameera, zahida, zety and the rest classmates of 6 unggul year '06. as for fellow classmates, u guys all are very very GENIUS. keep it up guys... and best of luck for you SPM!

dear iera. i'm very sorry for what have happened between us. it's all a misunderstanding problem. u see, if u are still in love with him just tell him. he is still in love with u anyway. u guys both are to ego. loosen up a bit guys. as for badrul, i know if u leave him he will definitely find another girl in a blink of an eye. i'm felt so guilty hooking up u guys both cuz the fact is u guys got nothing in comman at all. i was just trying to help u to forget acap cuz u said u wanted to forget bout him and moved on. i've guest it's true that love taht u guys had built for so long cannot break that easily. go back to him iera. he needs u ALOT! and if u are reading this pls tell him acap that he is a good person and he really can take care of u iera.

as for my dear chichi. we only know since last yr and u and i have shared so many things and story together. thanks for being there for me sis! btw, GOOD LUCK IN YOUR SPM. i'm wishing u form heaven, may u meet the right man in your life. don't push it if it finally works out.

the rest of my friends thanks alot guys. and for my netball team mates. u guys are good. and i know u guys don't need me to continue success in all the games. be strong guys if there's a failure sometimes. tzara, mel, fiona... u guys must find some one else to dance wirh u guys

here is our memory

GO PU. so many to list but the time have come for me to see the other world before u guys. last words,


a piece from heaven

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