Saturday, July 31, 2010

what was i thinking LOL! HAHA. dying la sgt kn??? haha! i'm getting weird lately. lame-oo! x tau la why i'm keep telling myself that i'm gonna dye soon! hurmmm, ;( verry verry unhappy now!

Friday, July 30, 2010

another mistakes

hye, assalamualaikum! to those who have known Zulaika Ramli she's living us all. went to another world where she meet her creator back... as her friend(s) i wish u being placed among the good ones in heaven darling. her is something that Zulaika would like to say before she's gone :

to my friend at school. thanks for being there for me. it's a very fun moment together. sorry if i have made u guys hate me or really wanted me go to the another world. we are teenagers and we are still young. like my mom used to say,"if u did not had any fight in high school meaning u are not enjoying life while it lasted ". maybe my mom was right. i'm SORRY for everything. if i used to eat your food and used your money pls inform my parents a.s.a.p. tq. so much frineds. fatin, kalia, hidayah... tq so much guys for everything. even tho i only know u guys for almost 4 yrs but u guys are the most best ever friend that a person could have. as for kalia, i still missing those days in promary school whn there was u, zahira, ameera, zahida, zety and the rest classmates of 6 unggul year '06. as for fellow classmates, u guys all are very very GENIUS. keep it up guys... and best of luck for you SPM!

dear iera. i'm very sorry for what have happened between us. it's all a misunderstanding problem. u see, if u are still in love with him just tell him. he is still in love with u anyway. u guys both are to ego. loosen up a bit guys. as for badrul, i know if u leave him he will definitely find another girl in a blink of an eye. i'm felt so guilty hooking up u guys both cuz the fact is u guys got nothing in comman at all. i was just trying to help u to forget acap cuz u said u wanted to forget bout him and moved on. i've guest it's true that love taht u guys had built for so long cannot break that easily. go back to him iera. he needs u ALOT! and if u are reading this pls tell him acap that he is a good person and he really can take care of u iera.

as for my dear chichi. we only know since last yr and u and i have shared so many things and story together. thanks for being there for me sis! btw, GOOD LUCK IN YOUR SPM. i'm wishing u form heaven, may u meet the right man in your life. don't push it if it finally works out.

the rest of my friends thanks alot guys. and for my netball team mates. u guys are good. and i know u guys don't need me to continue success in all the games. be strong guys if there's a failure sometimes. tzara, mel, fiona... u guys must find some one else to dance wirh u guys

here is our memory

GO PU. so many to list but the time have come for me to see the other world before u guys. last words,


a piece from heaven

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


i've lost my wallet on friday, 23 july 2010... then i went and go do my IC myself cuz my dad is quite pissed off i've lost it... i went and do the report first with my brother at the BALAI POLIS PANTAI... then my report stated that i was been pick pocket... hehe (: hurmmm.... then went and do my IC on monday... * hehe skipping school wooo!! about 3a.m in the morning my father woke me up the he said "adik, looked some post your wallet!" i was like "huh???" *biasa la kn mamai kottt... tetibe jeh bgn then dpt wallet blk! well... yup, that "person" post my wallet back at my address... thanks stranger. even though i know u took the mONEY! but it's ok cuz u gave back my wallet (: thanks anyway...


today exams was like woahhh -,-" cuz x tau pon today exam add maths... thanks dayah, kalia and fatin cuz tolong :P bm pon same jugak... mcm x exam jeh. da lah han wey and roshan asyik pndang blakang ... tau2 jela ape diorang buat if pndang blakang at me and dayah ... haha. tomorrow exam :-
  1. agama
  2. physics
  3. mod maths
  4. sejarah!!
ayoyo! mati lah...

ok guys. here imma gonna promote a bit bout my SISTER IN-LAW business line :- <--- go this link. pls and tqsomuchie
  1. cupcakes
  2. kuih-muih
  3. canopy for wedding
  4. cakes more than 2 layers also ade :D
have fun viewing

Thursday, July 22, 2010


today i'm fasting. DAMNN tired cuz i got two meeting to attend. i'm gonna finish my oral tomorrow. then, lepak with my boyfie again... why i've such a boring life... btw, THURSDAY is boring as usual. i'm supposed to blog bout ZHARIF DANIAL but then i just got no mood anymore to write :'(

i'm a cold-blooded human! yes I AM!

i'm afraid to tell u that i don't need u anymore. i can stand on my own feet. tho, u did alwayz support me but then i've just realize that i DON'T NEED U

adios amigos

i'm not like u
and i don't like to judge

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

17 already?

weyh asal ko add aq huh? approve je la... kang kate aq SOMBONG plak! -___-" haiiisshhhh... balik lmbat as usual cuz of the duty stuff. tomorrow is the AGM for NETBALL && LIBRARIAN. damn it my head is getting fuzzy! anyway,


i will be missing all your jokes soon :( cuz u living the school. yet the sweet memories never ends


loving the way u always dedicated to do something in life :D

oral tomorrow~ haha! btw, i'm starting to fall in love with another guy? is that call cheating when i'm not showing interest anymore TO YOU?

Love is a temporary madness. It erupts like an earthquake and then subsides. And when it subsides you have to make a decision. You have to work out whether your roots have become so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part. Because this is what love is. Love is not breathlessness, it is not excitement, it is not the promulgation of promises of eternal passion. That is just being "in love" which any of us can convince ourselves we are. Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and a fortunate accident. Your mother and I had it, we had roots that grew towards each other underground, and when all the pretty blossom had fallen from our branches we found that we were one tree and not two. i love u so much boyfie but how long will at last?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

i remember anyway :')

is next week and i never study anything yet! ayoyoyo!!!


we used to done some bad things to u but u made it trough. u GO GIRL!


HAPPY SWET 17 to :

u always there when i needed u the most :D tq 4 everything sistha


KO PIKIR KO BGUS KE MINAH? hahahah! derr... cermin diri tue dulu yerr... (n_n)

changed my templete again :D yeah i know it's black! it's emo month for me tho... ade je masalah yg datang menimpa. dgn perangai member yg makan member, i'm giving up my dreams. urggghhh! such a tension week. -,-" everything needs to be perfect for every single pair of eyes....
and now my world is full of dust with no one to guide me in this hazzy, air that full of dis-likeness and u standing there ryte around the corner in my nightmare saying that i should't have a dreams. u keep going bring me down and try to tear me apart! what is it for anyway? if the status "HOT" that u want... take it. i don't need it LOL! u just a game in my mind... i won't let u win this game cuz imma break the rule!

haha! the best post that i've ever written ayte? if that person realize who i'm talking bout than u guys better changed you attitude la! KEJAR HOT X BOLE BAWAK G SYURGA PON! btw, my fever is getting worst ever! and ISRA' & MIKRAJ at school was the bom as they said... miss the JAMUAN PPI today! zammmmnnnn!!!! *hope sedap la ken? and guys i'm sorry i've let u down at the jamuan :D (aq bukannye PHOTOGRAPHER TERHEBADD pon)

Monday, July 19, 2010

heyya BIATCH!

ko asal x puas aty doe? said it rite in my face x bole ke?

weyh, aq x ksah klu bf aq nk flirt ngan spe pon....

but ade batas ryte? then ko nk menyibuk asal? x

puas aty ckp la deerrrrr -,-"

x paham la ngan species manusia mcm ko nie! weyh,

klu balak ko peluk n flirt with other women

msty la ko berang n naik gaban gak an???

x yah nk jage tepi kain orang sgt la...


p/s : spe mkn gula dye rase manis ayte? klu ko terase.... tp pedas?
meaning ko mkn cili la bahabik!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

u seem happy with out me ;(

they said that a picture describe thousand words...
i guess so. just look at the picture x tau nak cakap ape ouh... i trust you and this what happend ayte?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

yummy :9

hello doug! wat's up? haha! x tau nk blog pasal ape la today. ouh well, today makan2 at ONE WORLD HOTEL! damnnn awesome weyh! makanan dye sedap giler kott! then makan smpi kenyang la. free plak. act, ade penyampaian hadiah for excellent education at my mom's work place :D *buad kat situlah. then balik dr situ pegi singgah OU. alang2 kn? haha! btw, dpt RM150. sikid jeh -,-" i igt dpt byk ouh! gesshhh!!!! yesterday night was awesome man! stay up late night untill 4 am. layan my sister yg mereng! adoyaiii... gossiping la! mcm2 lg. then, yesterday noon my parents and i found out that my sister miscarriage... awwwwhhh (baru nk ade anak buah lg sorang!) x de rezeki la! it sokay along. try again wokay? msty ade hikamhnye (:

then, bsok ade game netball kt Dewan d'Kelana Jaya... *yang dekat stadium KJ tu la! mmg x dpt la nk pegi ouh! ade keje lan nk kne buad then SHAFIQ ajak lpak :D ~apid rndu kat zue eyh? hahahaha~ kite g tgk wayang keyh bsok?. ouh yahhh... almost forgot! tomorrow is my sister anniversary with Tengku Saiful Azhar, ze husband of course. hope u guys kekal hingga akhir hayat!

p/s : x siap text oral english lg! -,-" die! die!

Friday, July 9, 2010

it's what i feel

ouh nooo!!! today is like the most important day of every parents life... the day they can know deeply about their children in school... it's OPEN DAY! *asal aq mcm excited giler nie? HAHA!well my result is very teluk one... i got 2 FAILED... jyeahhh... ok la ken? ouh well, it is what i deserved cuz go on play netball and the CITRAWARNA thang... then umpan my dad to buy nasi goreng paprik at my school... damnnn delicio/us ouh. my sister is not feeling well today so, doing the same routine... playing puzzle. btw, i got 28/30 in class weee~~~ told u so my result is very teluk one... kene work harder key bebeh? and to CHALYSTHA LEE, THE CUPCAKE WAS DELICIOUSLY AWESOME!!! it's worth the price (:

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

wat a life ayte?

ouh goshhhh! finally my internet problem is FIXED YAWWW! suke giler...*thanks abg asyraf~~winkwink.auwauw (: hurmmm... ponteng yesterday... not well tho :P jage kakak lagi -__-" haiiishhh! x bukak fb and mys for 3 days and my notification was woahhh!!! byk giler... menyesal giler x online kt cc! can't think what to blog about! lupe suda.. haha!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

just can't forget bout it

in the bus before the BIG SHOW (:

*this too... pfft... purani wht's with the face? LOL


after the show... chamwhoring!!!

i know this is like so long time ago but CITRAWARNA is something so sweet tht happened in our life & i guess tht what make us so hard to forget about it. there is some sweet && bad memory tho at the event but wht pass is pass ayte? i don't blame anyone about wht happened...

HE GOT A FACEBOOK? u hv got to be kidding me man. nk carik awek bru la tuh. fine la x ksah. go on with your life ok? wtf -,-"

i miss u daddy... hurmmm, why u kne pegi ipoh? *gesshhh. just plan out nk brkfst together lahhh -___-" itsokay. iknow why. mom told me. mcm nk nangis je mase say goodbye just now. && this is like the time u went perlis in 2005(i think)

btw, kalia blk from camp yesterday (: *blogg about the camp shista!