Saturday, June 26, 2010

♥ ze weeks ♥

like woahhh??? 4 posts in one day? this shows that i've nothing to do since i rarely updated my blog so i decided to post everything that happens this week

this one of a hell nice movie mannn!!! i watched it and i cried automatically on spot. haha* && my friend FATIN also felt the same thing. i bet the movie got it's own aura lahhh!!! hikhik.

monday is happening as usual but then it get worst cuz i dpt blk my exams paper :"( ouh wht a disaster day man!!! i failed my chemistry LMAO. *gahh. i don't blame myself cuz i don't even hv the guts to study the nite before the exams. well it's all bcoz of the CITRAWARNA thinggy... haha. then tuesday is the day i get my another half of my exams paper plus it's my birthday LOL! the worst part is my parents don't even remember my b'day date and again i don't blame them at all (:

wednesday is the day i cut school (: ok, act my toe nail ade prob la. then lepaking with friends at home. MY PARENTS WISH MY B'DAY cuz they thought i was born on that day! (ouh pls mom, u are the one who gv me birth for goodness sake!) haha! thursday is the day i sleep the whole period of chemistry! idk why i did that tho XD. it's like mr tanabalan put spell on me with his babbling in front of the lab!!!!

and then there's come friday :D stayback and duty like hell in the library mann!!! haha! yup, it's been like ages since the last time i step into the library. padahal aq libririan ouh! failed my add maths paper. && after that when pasar malam with FATIN & SYUHADA ♥ my saturday is bored as usually. stalk into other ppl blogs and follow them if it interest me ;O

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